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FAQ Questions:

How do I see what version I am currently on?

You can see what version your on via Help > About, It is also shown at the bottom when you first start UniFly.

How can I use UniFly just for the Live Map?

You can disable the Multiplayer Features via Settings:

File > Settings > Disable MP

I can see others but they can't see me why?

This is most likely because you are connected to "Global", at the bottom of your client you will see your connected Hub, if this shows global they will only see you if they are on global, but you can see others. - This is a Special Hub, see more here

I can't register for crew center why?

Please register for the crew center via File > Register for Crew Center in the UniFly app itself.

I show on the map as nickname - - ft why?

This is because we currently don't have any default flight information for you. You will need to File a Flight Plan either via Simbrief or Manually.

Can I host my own Hub?

Hubs are hosted on our servers but you can request a hub for free via the Client

How do I check for updates?

As long as you are on version v1.0.2.84 Beta You can check for updates by doing one of the following:

  • Help > Check For Updates
  • Restarting UniFly
  • Running UniFlyUpdater.exe in your install folder: Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\UniFly

I want to disable Discord Integration can this be done?

Yes, as long as you are on version Beta you can disable discord integration by going to File > Settings and unchecking Discord Access and clicking apply. You will need to restart Unifly for changes to take effect.

I want to do a flight with my friend but don't want to see others can I host a private hub?

Yes all users can create a temporary hub that remains active as long as someone is connected.

I really want to support UniFly's Development, how can I do this?

Currently we are not accepting donations, however we do have plans for the future including gold features.

I get the message: "Your client is too old and no longer supported. Visit our wiki at https://wiki.unifly.gg/ for more information" and can't connect to the network.

We have implemented a rule on our servers to only accept clients using v1.0.2.80 or above, this is due to the our clients getting frequent updates and bug fixes that are not supported and won't be updated on these versions. - Please Re-Install UniFly, and follow the installation instructions. - For more information on this please read our bug report here: Shortcut not Working

Where are the UniFly Files located?

Files are located by default in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\UniFly

Log files, and Model Matching rules can be found for all versions in:


When clicking Map / Crew Center / Documentation it opens my default web browser and not in app?

This is because we cannot find WebView2 Installed, or there was an error during initialization of the browser, I

3rd Party Integration Support

We are currently aware of the following integrations working with UniFly:

  • Little Nav Maps

See our Road Map for more details on future integrations