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Configuration Settings

Log Level

There are 4 Log Levels to choose from:

  • Enhanced: - We will be requiring this to be selected when reporting bugs to our development team. Log Files set to Enhanced can be up to 100MB.
  • Normal: - Our Default Log Level, contains most details without having a large log file.
  • Warning: - Only Display Warning and Error Messages
  • Critical: Turn off all Warnings and Error messages and only allow critical messages to show.

Updates (Changed to: Connection Speed)

There are 2 Update Levels to choose from:

  • Normal: - Messages are sent to our API server ever 1/2 a second.
  • Slow: - Messages are sent to our API server every 5 Seconds, This will cause you to be laggy to other users.

SimBrief UN: (Changed to: Simbrief Username)

This option allows you to enter your simbrief username so that we can grab your current flight information and display this on the map and flight boards.


We currently have 5 Servers to connect to, we highly recommend connecting to the server that is closest to you and in the Online state.

Server Name - Online - Ping - Users/Max Users

Sim Connection

This is how we choose how to connect to your client, *Disabled* at current as FSUIPC/Xplane Support is not available yet

  • SimConnect (FSX, Prepar3d, MSFS)

Version Branch

This setting changes the version the updater users to select which branch you are currently updating from:

  • STABLE - This is the default branch, where all releases are sent to once we are happy no critical crashes will happen.
  • EXPERIMENTAL - This is our testing branch, used to test the latest features that have been implemented, This may contain bugs/crashes
  • REVERT - This is the previous stable branch Incase of any issues with a current released update.

Default Tab

This setting allows you to control which tab automatically opens when you first open UniFly.

Default View Mode

This allows you to change to different View Mode's, which is toggleable at the top left of the client, There are 3 current resize modes:

Normal: Everything is displayed

Mini: Just the left side bar is displayed

Micro: Similiar to our old client, only shows the connection screen.


Dark Mode

Dark Mode

This allows you to toggle the theme of UniFly's main window to a more darker theme, see the image on the right hand side for a preview.

Disable MP

This allows you to not spawn in any aircraft that are connected to UniFly but still will show you on the Map, different to Observer Mode.

Auto Connect

This will automatically connect your client to the simulator and network within 10 seconds of opening UniFly.

Observer Mode

This will allow you to be hidden on the map, and from other users while spawning in other players. This is useful for ATC Operations.

Allow access to Discord Account (on by default)

This allows you to disable all discord integration and access to personal settings being logged to us.

Hop Tracking Status.png

Auto Hide Hop Tracking When Not In Use (on by default)

This setting hides the "Hop Tracking Status" display on the left side panel when you are not automatically hop tracking.

Disable Network Access

This setting allows you to disable all network features but still remains connected to the UniFly Client (similar to the old "Network" button), when disabled and connected to the simulator, the connect button will change colour to "Orange"

Auto Join Chat

This setting will enable you to automatically connect to the chat when you first connect to the simulator & network.

Always on Top

This will set the client to be top most at all times.

Developement Options

Save Logs

All logs are saved by default, however if you wish to turn them off you can do by disabling this option.

Developer Mode

While features are in development we will restrict them to "Development Mode". If this is enabled then you may encounter more bugs/issues than normal.

This is not the same as the EXPERIMENTAL Branch, as these features are not ready for full testing.

File Paths

If you do not have a path set in the File Paths Window, the client will not detect it is installed and may show the error: "SIm Unavailable" when trying to connect to the simulator.

Prepar3d File Paths

The Prepar3d File Paths can be set to the Root directory of where P3D is current installed.

MSFS File Path

Please set this path to the "Community" & "Official" folder location where these folders are showing.

FSX File Path

FSX-SE File Path

FS2004 File Path


Reset to Factory Settings

This option allows you to reset all settings to factory defaults, and re-launch the installation wizard (Step 5)