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If you wish to report bugs please head to our Discord and head to the "Bug Reports Channel"

A simple description of a bug encountered will often not be enough for us to fix your issue - instead, we ask for a few things:

Reporting Client Bugs

  • Please make sure your client is currently on the latest version: See Change Log for the current version as some bugs may have been fixed in a later update.
  • The first thing we will ask for is an Enhanced Log File, To provide us with one you will need to set your logging mode to Enhanced under File -> Settings. Re-run the client until you encounter the bug, make sure to note down what you did to make the bug occur, once the bug happens close the client down and then send us via discord your log files inside of View -> Logs.
  • During your Bug Report please include the following
    • Detailed description of both the bug and steps to reproduce it so that we can begin testing right away
    • Your current operating system.
    • Your current position in the world, as mountainous terrain has been the cause of issues before, and additional relevant details such as "Sloped Runway, or Add on Scenary"
    • Your Enhanced Log File
    • A screenshot of your debug information screen from View > Debug Information
    • Any Screenshots of any error messages that occur, as these are highly specific to each section of code making it easier for us to fix your bug report.

Reporting Map Bugs

  • Please be sure to include a screenshot of the map that you are currently viewing and the URL of the map, this is important as there are certain features disabled by the URL.
  • Please also include what browser you are viewing the Map With.

Reporting Crew Center Bugs

  • Please report any error messages you receive on the crew center including a screenshot, and your username so we can try to reproduce the bug.

Current Known Bugs:

A list of all known, resolved, and reported bugs can be found here: Bugs