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UniFly Client Window.png

This page will list all the main features of our UniFly Client

Left Side Menu

Connection Screen:

This shows the primary buttons for connection, Including:

View Mode - Cycles the 3 different view modes, Normal, Mini, Micro

Hub Logo: - Your current hub your connected to

Global Button: - Connect to the Global UniFly Network

Connect Button: - Connects to Simulator and Network Simulataniously.

Nickname: Allows you to set your nickname for chat, logs, map.

Hop Tracking Status.png

Hop Tracking Status

This gives you a quick oversight to your current Hop Tracking, by default this is not shown unless you have a hop selected, however this can be always turned on in Settings

Starting Location: ICAO, of your current hop start.

Destination Location: ICAO, of where you are going to.

Hop Status Image:

  • Red: Not joined a hop list, (hidden by default)
  • Orange: Joined a hop, but have not reached the start location
  • Green: You are currently being tracked between the 2 locations.

Leave Hop List Button: A quick exit from the hop list system.

Pilot Messaging

This is how you can communicate with other pilots and ATC controllers, this is only connected when you are connected to the Simulator and Network.

See UniFlyChat for more information on its usage.