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If you just want to hang out with friends but don't want to be on Global or another community/Virtual airline you can create a temporary world.

Temporary Worlds are only active as long as 1 person remains connected to it, upon closure of UniFly and re-starting you will be moved to the GLOBAL.

Want to create a permanent world head here; Hubs/Creating A Community

Temporary World Creation

Creating a Temporary World

Head to Hub Request Tab and select Temporary from the Type dropdown box..

And fill in the form:

Name: What do you want to call the temporary world.

Password: Set a password if you wish to restrict access, or leave blank for anyone to connect.

Note: Logo URL, Contact Details, and Description will be removed as these are not required.


This is automatic, and you will automatically be connected to the Temporary World.


You can ask your friends to join via Hub List and at the bottom will be a section named: "Temporary Worlds"

and selecting your hub from the list, if it does not appear ask them to close the hub list down and re-open.


Hubs automatically expire after 1 hour or when the last person disconnects, which ever is later.