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When it comes to managing your hub our crew center gives all the features available to effectively manage your hub.

Once your Hub has been created via: Hubs/Creating A Community our staff will grant you access to manage your hub via the crew center.

NOTE: Temporary Worlds are not manageable by Crew Center.

Manage Hub Details

Crew Center Management

When you have been granted access to manage your hub you will see the Option on the left hand side Menu of the Crew Center: "Community/VA Management"

From here you can update the hubs details including:

  • Name:
  • Logo URL
  • Password
  • Type
  • Description

Remember: Setting a password will require the password on connection to the hub in the client. - This is also the place to reset the password if you have forgotten.

Crew Center, Pilot Management for Hubs
Crew Center, Pilot Management for Hubs

Pilot Management

From the pilot management section you can see all details relating to a pilot that is currently connected to your Hub this includes:

  • Name
  • Connection Time

You can also ban a pilot from your hub which will kick the user if they are connected.