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Virgin XL

We are a virtual airline flying on FSAirlines and would love for you to join our crew today! Our dedicated team of pilots, management and directors continuously fly around the clock. |

A2B FlightSim

A2B FlightSim is a friendly and mature community dedicated to FS2004, FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, P3Dv1-5 and MSFS2020.

We feature a Casual division for beginners and experienced pilots, where members can fly, learn and progress casually, solo or with friends, as well as a Vatsim division for more advanced pilots. Our ATC division provides ATC communications during casual events.

We also host a World Tour, available for all members to participate in. The World Tour is divided into 16 sectors of the world, and as you progress, you unlock new sectors and promote yourself from Trainee Pilot all the way up to ATP Senior Commander. All participants of the World Tour are given a rank badge next to their name in the Discord channels - and will appear in the Discord member list under their respective rank. The World Tour features every country and territory of the globe, requires different aircraft types to complete the tour, and includes some of the worlds most challenging airports.

Casual group flights, ATC-assisted events, and the World Tour, are held on our 24/7 server, powered by the new and powerful UniFly multiplayer client.

Weekly group flights and ATC mentoring programme free to all our members.

Join us today!

The Flight Lounge

The Flight Lounge is a community where flight simmers can meet each other, chat and fly together! You can use our FSX server for freeflight, practicing or just for fun! We offer user based ATC, in casual and professional environments. We also host monthly events with ATC! Our Server is open 24/7. The Server Location varies periodically, where members can choose what airport they would like the server to be at. The link to vote will be available intermittently in the

⁠The Flight Lounge⁠🔊-announcements channel. ATC here is casual so no need to worry if you get something wrong, our friendly controllers will help you! However we also do professional ATC sessions for those who like serious flying.


We are pleased to announce we are now official Partners of Simbrief due to our integration with their system!