Model Matching

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The UniFly model matching system is entirely based on vPilot's model matching. In short, this means that models are matched in accordance to a set of rule files (.vmr). If there is no valid match clause in any file, your own simobject will be used

Rule files automatically installed with the UniFly client:

  • FLAI for Prepar3d/FSX
  • FSLTL for MSFS
  • Custom VMR rules

Note: These are just rule files installed - you must still manually source the appropriate set of models if you wish to use a model set

Default Model Matching Rules

During installation of UniFly the Default Model Matching Rules for FSLTL and FLAI will be installed to UniFly Model matching folder in:


If you wish to update/re-installs these you can do so via System/Settings > Update Model Matching

You can insert any vPilot compatible (.vmr) rule file into this directory to enhance your model matching


While FLAI is no longer available to download, we still support this due to the wide range of models that are available and the amount of users that FLAI had during its availability.


We recommend downloading FSLTL from: (FSLTL Injector is not required).

Custom VMR Rules File

We have given the ability for people to save their rules into a VMR file for later use and Model Matching within UniFly.

Advanced Model Matching

This menu may help you solve model matching issues in the client
See our guide on the Advanced Model Matching here