Road Map

From UniFly Documentation

While our full road map is currently held secret we can reveal the following updates in the near future.

Our ATC Client Roadmap can be found: ATC_Clients#Roadmap

Before Major Release

  • Have Engine Data of each connected aircraft be correct.
  • Display correct usage of flaps and flight control surfaces
  • Integrated Message System
  • Certificate/Verification of UniFly Client/Installer/Updater
  • Enable Pilots to "Message"/"Chat" with other Pilots
  • Enable Discord Voice Integration via Radio Frequencies

Post Major Release

  • Start working on XPlane and fsuipc and xuipc integration.
  • Start Tracking and Logging all flights that are on UniFly
  • Create a virtual airline management platform that is integrated with UniFly

Future Integrations

  • Volanta - We have already contacted Volanta for assistance in adding our network to Volanta's expansive network
  • SimToolKitPro - We have already requested integration.