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Community Create

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When it comes to creating a permeant world for your community/Virtual Airline you will need to complete the

"Request your own Community/Virtual Airline" form inside the client via the Hub Request tab.

Requesting your community/virtual airline.

Simply fill in the details on the form this includes:

  • Name: What is your community / virtual airline called?
  • Password: If a password is entered, this will mean only those who know the password can join the community.
  • Type: Choose which list to appear in: Community, Virtual Airline or Temporary
  • Logo URL: Enter in a link to a PNG/JPEG of a logo that your community/virtual airline uses. *Note: If this is a transparent background it won't be displayed correctly in some location
  • Contact Details: How we can get in contact with you, can be discord if you are on our Discord Server, or an email address.
  • Description: Tell us about your airline/community. This will be displayed in the hub list.

Approval Process

Community Virtual Airlines takes 5-7 Days to be approved by the team, however this can be quicker, we will notify you via the contact details entered once approved or let you know why it was denied if it was.

Note: UniFly Staff reserve the right to deny a community/virtual airline for any reason.

Once Approved

Once approved your Community or Virtual Airline will be listed under the Hub list for you to join,

If a password is required you will be prompted to enter the password each time you connect to the hub.